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Resources and Specialized Programs for Gifted Youth

Listed below are some educational options for gifted students. There are many more public, private, and homeschooling options available.

EPGY - Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth

Online and distance learning
Summer institute
Online High School

Web Resources

Davidson Institute
Hoagies Gifted Page

Regional Gifted Centers

Johns Hopkins
Rocky Mountain

National Associations

State-wide Organizations

Each state has its own laws concerning gifted education.  State-wide associations address state-wide issues—these groups take positions, advocate, hold conferences and provide resources.  See for example, California Association for the Gifted.

Here are links to other state-wide advocacy groups providing resources and relevant state-wide information.

Link here to the Davidson Institute webpage about gifted legislation across the United States.

For more information, advocacy or assistance, email

EPGY Presentation



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