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About Gifted Advocate

Gifted Advocate provides information and support to parents, teachers and administrators who serve gifted children and young adults. 

Victoria Hobel Schultz

Ms. Schultz is an attorney and committed parent who assists parents of gifted and special needs children.  For many years, Ms. Schultz has organized and participated in presentations given by Stanford University’s EPGY. 

She is committed to helping parents advocate for supplemental, alternative and effective resources for their children.  Her expertise in instructional materials and curriculum as well as local, regional and national resources allows her to be an effective parent liaison and advocate. 

Ms. Schultz is also an active advocate for high academic standards for underserved populations.  As a co-founder of Mesa de la Comunidad, Ms. Schultz continues to work to analyze and close the achievement gap in Silicon Valley schools. 

Ms. Schultz has many years of experience within the public sector.   She has represented and advised school boards, managed school board litigation, handled public sector class action and other cases, served as a San Francisco City Commissioner, and advised department heads.

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